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We have specially curated and tailor-made IT project rescue solutions that are designed to help you get back on the right track, at proper time and relevant budget.
We specially rescue you out if you are stuck with old version, flawed and outdated software.

How do we do?

Software specialists

When your software gets stuck due to any bug or other issues then we immediately sort the issues out. Whether in case of a security issue or feature upgradation, platform migration or software rebuild we are expertized and carry out our skills throughout the lifetime of the software.

Objective assessment

We check the working and functions of your software and suggest modernizing it to work smoothly.

Legal support

We ensure keeping your business very professional and software performing throughout life..


We help do processes faster and quick manner so that the applications and information go to a modern clip or platform.

Feature upgrade

We update the current feature of existing versions of softwares so that it works effectively and faster without any hindrance.

Code consultants

We also provide suggestions and advice you your business so that you are able to manage technical issues in your tailor made custom software.

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Registered Address: 89B, Kabi Kirandhan Rd, Bhadrakali, Uttarpara, West Bengal 712232, India