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Woocommerce Sample Data CSV - Fashion, Apparel, Furniture, Electronics

We all know while developing an e-commerce website with Woocommerce, we always feel to have realistic sample data for a different categorized e-commerce website. In spite of having a sample of 25 products Woocommerce data is available on the Woocommerce plugin, but it is generic and time-consuming to modify it according to our needs. From this ground, we are making Woocommerce sample product CSV on different industry needs like Fashion, Apparel, Furniture, and Electronics with as much as realistic information along with relative images. Our Woocommerce sample data consists of the followings:

  • Product Description
  • Contained both variable and simple products
  • Contained Multiple product attributes
  • Contained Multiple Product Categories
  • Has pricing
  • Has sales pricing
  • Used lorem ipsum text as possible.
  • Has product images ( all images are taken from Free Stock Image sites like :, and )
Woocommerce Fashion Sample Data
Woocommerce Fashion Sample Data ( Indian Sarees )

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