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We have rich quality and highly skilled professionals who are well versed with WordPress. They can be hired on a full-time, hourly or project basis and can be managed as per your requirements.

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Our services in wordpress development

Custom WordPress development

Web development – If you are looking for cool WordPress developers then we are the right choice for it ! With much zeal and enthusiasm we analyze your business, create amazing WordPress sites for mobile views, PC view and any other screens. Our extremely professional and skilled WordPress developers enable you to provide you with the exact envision of your business.

Website Migration

Our WordPress developers make sure that they have taken all files and database backups while they migrate sites to new servers so that critical information regarding your business is not misplaced. We use SSH for quick and safe migration as it makes sure that all content, theme and plug-in is transferred in a hassle free way.

API development

Our top notch and skilled WordPress developers enable you to integrate third party tools such as Google maps, Google analytics, Mail Chimp, etc through API Integration in order to make your site extensible.

WooCommerce development

Our WordPress development team also provides services in development of catchy woocommerce themes. We develop shopping portals that are appealing and visually attractive.

Support and maintenance

Apart from development we also provide support to maintain your WordPress projects through regular site maintenance, updating and upgrading which are in interest with your business needs.

Custom plug-in development

We offer highly qualified WordPress developers for hiring purposes who can with their vast knowledge and experience add multiple customized plugins in WordPress to modify the way core functions work without changing their code.

Headless WordPress development

The headless WordPress development is generally the front-end or the ‘head’ of the WordPress site is separated from the backend. We are well equipped with headless WordPress development and ensure you with seamless movement of content (like Facebook and Google Calendar) from one platform to another, all at once. Since the ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (‘WYSIWYG’) editor is disabled in headless architecture, our WordPress team manages the key functions through the REST API.

Enterprise WordPress development

Our team of efficient WordPress developers help in creating secure, scalable, and fast-loading enterprise applications for a fast paced and appealing user experience. We build sites that provide instructions to your prospects through every step of the conversion funnel.

WordPress theme development

Our WordPress developers are so skillful that they can fully reform and restructure  a PSD design and code it into a fully-featured WP responsive site. Through  pixel-perfect, easy-to-use, and fast loading WordPress themes that keep a note of the PSD design we offer scalability of your business.

Skilled WordPress developers

We have highly skilled  WordPress experts who are experienced enough in implementing the best practices to prevent your WordPress platforms threats and malware attacks. Our team members have the ability to restrict  threats and potential hackers against hacking your sites.

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